Active Holidays in the Caribbean

Dear Participants

Between April and May 2022 we have planned a boat trip to the Caribbean, and more precisely to the Blas Islands. This is one of the most beautiful itineraries in the world from the point of view of navigation, nature and unpolluted bays. Seen from above they appear as an unbroken chain of islands and islets. A „crescent moon“ enclosing all the most beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean, the Blas Islands represent the perfect model of the tropical island, from white beaches to dense palm groves, from coral reefs to multicolored fish. There is everything that everyone dreams of finding in the waters of the Caribbean.

This trip is planned for everyone who wants to take an active vacation.
Who understand the importance of being active to be healthy.
Meditate to purify our mind and spirit and of course they want to learn and live the Spanish language.
To live healthy.
For those who love to be in contact with nature and all living beings

We will share this adventure with interesting people from different parts of the world, who have our same interests.

It will be a very enriching experience

An experience in which we can make new friends.

Main Objective

To be deeply happy and enjoy this experience to the fullest, to live intensely.


How we are going to achieve it?



The power comes from within

The house of treasures is within you.
When we discover, what are the thoughts and feelings that govern us.
When the creative power of thought is understood its effect is seen and is wonderful

When we understand that all power is within us and that we are weak because we have sought it outside.

When we focus on our thoughts and correct them, we instantly correct ourselves and create new foundations, assume an attitude of power, and perform miracles.
The things of the world flow from the inner power of man with which he governs them.

The great secret of all famous men of all ages was their ability to get in touch with the powers of their subconscious mind by releasing them.
We will do Breathing Techniques with the purpose of contacting our source of energy, our infinite wisdom.
We can do the same now.

Study & live Spanish

Spanish classes will be personalized according to the level of each student.

They will be experimental and investigative.
It means that you will have to apply everything you learn in the group.
They will always have the support of the teacher and the assistants
We select together a topic of your interest and develop it

Students will keep a life diary
Where they will write their experiences in Spanish with the help of their teacher and assistants
This will be a spiritual retreat in Spanish on a catamaran in the Caribbean.

Sport +Dance +Tae box

With very simple and basic exercises we will activate our muscles, joints
We will strengthen the motor apparatus of our body and give it elasticity

Exercises with highly motivating music.
We will have fun, seeking to reach a trance state where we cannot stop dancing.
We will strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Tae Box
Exercises based on karate blows
to the rhythm of the music.
We will strengthen our cardiovascular system
and respiratory.

The idea is to live our life healthy to give intensity and fullness to our life.

Live it fully and intensely

Information and Contact:

Luis Videla

+ 506- 85.70.97. 68
+ 506 –

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